Useful information

Below is some useful information for real estate investments in Croatia specifically in Istra.

For members of the European Community, the cadastral and tabular inclusion to the Court is already provided for as a natural person by means of a normal sales contract.

A notary, after having registered the deed, brings it to the court, registering the property rights in favor of the foreign citizen.

The building has a transaction fee of 5% of the land registry value..

There is no other annual property tax on the property..

Water, electricity, public green and garbage transfers are immediate with the presentation to the relevant bodies of the deed of sale.
Expenses related to utilities, are estimated on the basis of the average Croatian salary of 400 euros monthly, so certainly low for a European citizen..

The market speaks of an annual increase in value per square meter in Istria of 5-10%, this depends on the location and the quality of construction and finishing of the building.

In Croatia the parameter of the commercial meter is not used, the surfaces are always expressed in net square meters (walkable).