Easy to reach

Croatia is the nearest foreign tourist area, easily accessible from our country both by car and by sea.

Natural beauty

It is a country known for its natural beauty, which makes it very similar to the Tuscan territory but economically more advantageous and is considered the ecological oasis in the heart of Europe

Istrian gastronomy

Istrian gastronomy is delicious for meat, fish, olive oil, wines and truffles, to be enjoyed in the characteristic konobe.


It is constantly developing as regards tourism and real estate investments, consequently the economy is in constant growth, and investments are profitable.

Mediterranean climate

The Mediterranean climate of Istria makes the stay pleasant throughout the year: 2,387 hours of sunshine a year, the sea temperature reaches 25 ° C and the average summer temperature is 25 ° C.

History and culture

Istria is a historical-cultural attraction with a multitude of historical centers, various artifacts and archaeological sites, see the Arena in Pula.

Scuba diving

Istria is very well known for scuba diving, thanks to the wonderful backdrops that encourage this particular tourism.

Nautical tourism

In most Croatian tourist resorts there are equipped marinas, which favor the development of nautical tourism.

Spa and healing locations

Croatia is an area with a high percentage of spa and health resorts.

Croatian population

The Croatian population, above all Istrina, preserves the typically Italian traditions, customs and dialects including our language.