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Architettura moderna, qualità costruttiva, ottima posizione.
Residenza Gallia si trova a Peroj, vicino a Fasana, a metà strada tra Pola e Rovigno.
Costruita in posizione tranquilla, circondata dalla vegetazione mediterranea e distante dal mare soltanto 800 mt.
Si tratta di due palazzine residenziali che si sviluppano su tre piani.

10 good reasons to invest in Croatia

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    Croatia is the geographically closest and easily accessible foreign tourist area from our country both by car and by sea.

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    It is a country known for its natural beauties that make it very similar to the Tuscan territory but economically more advantageous, it is considered the ecological oasis in the heart of Europe.

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    Istrian gastronomy, delicious for meat, fish, olive oil, wines and truffles, to be tasted in the characteristic konobe.

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    It is constantly developing as regards tourism and real estate investments, consequently the economy is constantly growing, and investments are profitable.

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    The Mediterranean climate of Istria makes your stay pleasant throughout the year: 2,387 hours of sunshine a year, the sea temperature reaches 25 ° C and the average summer temperature is 25 ° C.

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    Istria represents a historical-cultural attraction with a multitude of historical centers, various artifacts and archaeological sites, see the Pula Arena.

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    Istria is very well known for scuba diving, thanks to the beautiful seabed that encourage this particular tourism.

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    In most Croatian tourist resorts there are equipped marinas, which favor the development of nautical tourism.

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    Croatia is an area with a high percentage of spa and health resorts.

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    The Croatian population, especially Istrian, keeps alive the typically Italian traditions, customs and dialects including our language.


Here is some useful information for real estate investments in Croatia, specifically in Istria.

For members of the European Community, cadastral and land registry registration is provided to the Court as a natural person through a normal sales contract stipulated by the notary. The cost for a simple deed starts at only € 15.
By purchasing directly from the construction company, unlike the deed between individuals, there is no transaction tax.
There is no other annual property tax that is imposed on the property.
The expenses related to utilities are estimated on the basis of the average. Croatian salary of 850 euros per month, therefore certainly low for a European citizen.
The market speaks of an annual increase in the value of the square meter in Istria equal to 5-10%, this depends on the location and the quality of construction and finishing of the property.
In Croatia the commercial meter parameter is not used, the surfaces are alway.


Best tourist destinations in Istria

Discover the main tourist attractions, where they are and how far they are from Gallia Residence


  • Pula is famous for its antiquities, parks and summer festivals, it is an attractive destination for many tourists looking for relax and sun. The most famous and most precious ancient monument is undoubtedly the Arena, the colossal amphitheater of the second century, sixth in the world according to its size.
  • The islands of Brijuni is famous for the natural beauty of its islands, with its zoological garden, pheasant reserve and safari park with various animals from all over the world.
  • Rovinj a picturesque Istrian city is an oasis where beauty of nature and exceptional climatic conditions converge, making your stay very pleasant in every season of the year.
  • Fažana is located on the sea facing the Brijuni islands, a medieval fishing village. A city of Roman origin with its charming squares, houses, one leaning against the other, overlooking stone-paved alleys. You will discover a beautiful promenade for enchanting walks.
  • Medulin is a beautiful coastal town located south of the Istrian peninsula on the border of the city of Pula and Liznjan.